Effective Toronto Social Media Marketing Practices:

Tips for Doing Social Media Marketing In 2014 Correctly

Social media marketing is arguably the buzz word in today’s marketing lingo.  Every marketer is trying to leverage the power of social marketing to catapult his brand to greater heights. While 2013 was an excellent year for most business people especially those who embraced the power of the social networks to reach out to their target markets, 2014 is bound to avail fresh opportunities for everyone who is willing to roll their sleeves and sink knee-deep into social marketing.


Below are 5 tips that will help you get the right social marketing footing in 2014.

Create Great Content and Share It Across

The year 2014 is poised to be content driven. Online traffic is hungry and yearning for unique and relevant content. You need to customize the content on your social media sites so as to fit the liking of the targeted audience. In addition, your content should be updated regularly and in a predictable pattern. Never start a content writing schedule that you cannot sustain. Let your audience know that they can trust and rely on you. You also need to share your content across the various social platforms and let them resonate with a similar theme.

Leverage on Engagements

If you have been rather quiet and less active in social media, it is a time you woke up and smell the coffee. Your audience needs to be engaged at every point in your social networks. This is the only way they will know that you are serious and are concerned about their welfare. Send them personalized messages, try and answer their queries, retweet and like their updates. Make them feel like part of your family, they love it this way.

Go Mobile!

A great number of your audience and target markets are using their mobile devices to access social sites and web pages. This number is set to increase drastically in 2014. Post content that is mobile friendly because if you do not, it can cost you big time. Always have the end user in mind when updating your social networks. Remember they are still the bosses. Your blog sites need to be responsive so as to be accessed through Smartphones and tablets.

Test and Measure Your Social Campaigns

Just like with any project, you need to measure the effectiveness of the various social media campaigns that you are running across the different platforms. This will give you a clear picture on what to pursue and what to abandon. Never stick with an ineffective campaign because it can ruin your reputation, waste your money and dent your social proof.

Learn from the success stories

To build a successful social media presence, you need to know the ropes. Some of the practices and procedures are obvious while some need either training or just observing what others are doing. Learn from the winners. See what it is that is working for them and pick up the bits that are applicable to your scenario and business model. Nobody is a know-it-all, each one of us needs every one of us and every one of us needs each one of us.

These tips should shape up your social media management strategy for 2014 and give you a heads up in the wild world of social networking and marketing.