Reputation Management Service in Toronto


The internet is an excellent avenue where you can connect with your prospects, suppliers and other stakeholders. However, you need to be careful because the reputation of your brand could be at risk without your knowledge. Disgruntled customers and malicious competitors can peddle destructive rumors about your company through review sites, newsletters, social media sites and blogs.

The most unfortunate thing is that search engines do not vet the credibility of these allegations but instead index them just like any other content. Remember that information travels fast on the internet and especially negative information has the potential of becoming viral if not corrected earlier in the cycle. This can affect your sales and social proof.We fully understand what brand reputation means to you. We shall therefore use the appropriate strategies to protect your image against negative attacks online.

Our reputation management strategies are designed to arrest any damaging comments and malicious incidents the moment they occur.
Using the latest tools and protection strategies, we monitor the web on a continuous basis to locate all the comments made about your company. We then analyze and categorize them into either negative or positive comments and assign a reputation value which informs us of the urgency of attention needed.

Our instant reporting system will inform you on the details of any negative comment that we come across and the recommendations on the actions to be taken. We also give our clients a monthly overview of all the comments made, both negative and positive and the way forward in building a stronger brand reputation.

We are open 24/7 to address your issues. Just get in touch with us and we shall respond swiftly with the appropriate solutions to your concerns.